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Lee is now focusing on his writing, for both website articles and for many social media avenues.



Over 40 years of Tournamnet fishing experience

Lees Storefront Published Books brings Lee Bailey Jr’s 40 plus years of expertise to you. Lee does this with his latest two books. “See You On The River” a Connecticut River fishing guide book. “Strategies For Bass“ a 228 page tips tactics and in depth info to catch more and bigger bass.

Connecticut River Map Guidebook is the second addition of See You On The River Fishing Guide Book

This CT River Fishing Guidebook is the most comprehensive compilation of maps, Lees Lures and river Fishing Factors I have ever put together. “I am excited to be able to bring all this information to my many fans and Connecticut River anglers”.

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Strategies For Bass

Strategies For Bass paperback has the most impressive collection of up-to-date information. Both novice as well as experienced anglers will learn everything they need to know to catch largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass.

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Lee Bailey Jr Elite Series Pro has retired his Bassmaster Elite competitor number ‘OO7’. Lee retired from competitive fishing back in 2007. He is now focusing on his writing, for both website articles and for many social media avenues. He has been and continues to hold his promotional status and extensive bass fishing knowledge. “God has blessed me with a great competitive career. One of the Nations most highly respected pros, as well as one of fishing’s most popular personalities”.

(Lees Storefront Published Books brings his 40 plus years of expertise to you through these latest two books.)

There are loads of tips and techniques in “Strategies For Bass” and “See You On The River” written by Lee Bailey Jr. To find out even more… click here. As you clock more and more bass-fishing hours. You will acquire a knack for choosing the right lure and technique for the right situation. Until then though, learn the latest in bass fishing knowledge right here in (Strategies For Bass) and (See You On The River) comprehensive books.

Lees Published Books bring his 40 plus years of bass fishing knowledge to his new books.

Strategies For Bass is a 228 page book filled with Lee’s expertise and techniques from his over 30 years of tournament fishing.

See You On The River is a fishing guide book of the Connecticut river. I’ve shown all my hot spots with detailed maps and and in-depth information. The spots and the info here in this book are what qualified me as the CT river expert and Riverfront Recaptures official CT River guide.

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